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Does anyone here know the name of the eye condition(s) that are common with Fibromyalgia?

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Inactive 21 Oct 2011

Hi Problem child (I don't like calling you that name, it makes me feel bad for you!!)
Could you be more specific? What type of eye conditions are you referring to? Dry eyes, twitching, vision problems, etc?
Thank you and best wishes,

Inactive 21 Oct 2011

A lot of people that have fibromyalgie also have allergy problems They kind of go hand in hand, so if you are tlking about dry eyes, or even tearing, & itchy & so on. You can use Allergy eye drops that elps with the symptoms. If you are on Lyrica as I am, this drug makes your vision blurry. Tis a side effect I am willing to put up with because it help my pain so much. Hope this helps. Hard to answer specificaklly without more information from you.

Kimmay 21 Oct 2011

I had to comment on lyrica::It did help with my pain but it messed my eyesight up so bad that I had to quit taking it. I do have alergys I just take claritin and I use systane for dry eyes, thats what the eye doc. said to use. fibro is so hard to find out what helps and what makes it worse. Its an adventure: one I would rather not be on but I am so life goes on. Enjoy the good days !

over 55 22 Oct 2011

I take Gabapentin (Neurontin) for my fibromyalgia and works good plus am also taking Cymbalta, also works good for me. It was just recently approved for treating fibromyalgia.

Problem child 21 Oct 2011

Its like I have a film over my eyes at times. I am constantly pulling "white string like" things out of my eyes. At times its like trying to see through Crisco.I do have facial twitching. I've been diagnosed with crocodile tear syndrome, but the eye problem has been going on for years. I'm not taking Lyrica, it made me swell up bigger than what I already am. Thank you for your responses.

Inactive 23 Oct 2011

You need to see you eye doctor immediately. You be having a detaching retina & this is a serious thing. If it looks like a veil or spider web in your vision, then you need immediate surgery for a detached retina or you will lose your vision completely. I have little light flickers in the corner of the eye which is strings if you will of the retina detaching, but that is not bad, It's when you see a veil or spider web across your vision. He did not mention white or black...

Problem child 5 Nov 2011

Update: I did a little research, and spoke with my doctor, its part of Sjogren's syndrome. I'm happy to have an answer but a cure for autoimmune disorder(s) is whats needed.

Inactive 5 Nov 2011

Thank you PC for updating all of us, sorry about the Sjogren's Syndrome though!! How are you feeling?

Problem child 8 Nov 2011

I am feeling run down but thats nothing new. My pain is horrible right now, I'm currently trying new meds and I'm having no real luck. I feel like pulling my hair out, but I just keep telling myself its going to get better. free discount card

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