And if so, are there any programs to help cover the cost? I've been on Sub since 2005 and have gone through 4 insurance changes. They all covered it until this one. Normally, I've paid a $40-$60 co-pay. This one doesn't cover the films or the tablets! I went to get my films and they said it would be a little over $300!! I do have a $75 coupon from the makers of the new film, but it's unclear if that even takes it off all at once or not. I have called about getting a pre-auth, but they said it doesn't look good. Normally, it's not approved. What!? To make matters worse, I already picked up my previous fill and they ran it through my old insurance, which mistakenly covered it. Dumb lady! I'd given her my new insurance card!! So, now I will be billed for that $300. Now is such a tough financial time for us. Not the time for this to happen.