I am New to this forum. My Primary Dr.of 20+ Yrs. took an early retirment.I have been perscribed Percocet 10/325 240 a Month for 2 Yrs.before that it was a Lower dose.Also xanax 1 Mg. x 3 a day! For 18 yrs. I have Herniated Disc L3,4,5.Plus Artritis in my spine among other Diseases in my back I can't even Pronouce.Also,Osteopenia in both Hips which never bothered me,But now It is.Joint Pain in my hands as well. I was hit by a car in 2008 and have never been the same.The Grade 3 AC-Joint Bone separation in my shoulder has never been right.Had Back problems before the accident.Did have a series of Epidurals,3 in one Yr. only ONE Helped for very short term.Went back the Following yr.for another and got a BAD shot! This was a different Dr.that gave the shot.3 days later I ended up in the E.R.on my MRI it stated Nerve Root sleeve Deformed which I have never,Ever had.My Primary even said a good Dr. can give a bad shot. I Feel like I've been through the Bowls of Hell on Earth! The withdrawals! Pain... The Dr.that took over My Dr.Practice Dropped me! Said there was Nothing in my system! Gave me Just one more Perscription of Percocet,NO Xanax! Just Dropped me! Yes, I did run out 3-4 Days before,But didn't tell her that and she wouldn't even see me and canceled my next Appt.Never met the Witch!This was in March,Now I find a New Dr. She gave me nothing but Filthy Looks.Only gave me 60 Percocet & 45 xanax. The next month she said she would NEVER give me a Controlled Sustance.Are You kidding Me? She said she found Valium in my system.Yes! A friend saw me w/ My heart ripping out of my chest & going through Withdrawls and gave me some.I didn't know better, My Dr. of 20 + Yrs.NEVER Took a Blood / Urine Test!Needless to say I will Never see her again. I'm seeing a New Dr. was told he would give me my Meds. Here's the thing,I've been suffering w/ Pain!Withdrawals have been Hell! I need my meds. My friends uncle said he would give me a few Percocets.Said these were 5-in one.Come to find out it was that oxycontin! Hated them! I really didn't know.I took 2 at different times last week. Never had taken them in my Life.These I found out were 20 Mg each! I see this New Dr. Sept.15th! Will that show up? Can someone Please help me? This Dr. is for Physical Medicine & a Physiatrist/Rehabilation for the Spine Etc.I have never heard of that kind of Doctor.Not to be confusd w/ Physciatrist. They Told me I would have to tell the Insurance Comp.He is going to be my New Primary,Which he will be as he's a M.D.I feel so alone & I'm in Pain And Lost! Would be so Grateful for any info.Again, I've Never had to sign a paper before or just have Urine done on me like this.What is this world coming to? I'm No spring chicken either.