I see the pmr doc @ 3:15 im off of my meds cause of drug screen from second hand smoke.im a nervous wreck can someone tell me what i should say.ive been crying all morning cause im over whelmed & ive run out of options i was n a major car accident & i have degenerative bone desease, plates & rods anxity ,panic attacks & a lesion on my brain where i suffer from migrains.what & how do i talk to the dr.about meds without her looking or thinking im some kinda junky.right now i cant think & im a mess.i just feel its going to go all wrong & i just cant handle withdrawls.shes a woman so just maybe shell have some sympathy but im not feeling good about this im scared half to death.i stay n the bed all the time from pain and i have no life.always in surch of meds for pain and withdrawls i cannot keep living like this.i pray so hard but i need a break thro.help someone please!