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Does anyone have any feedback after using cymbalta?

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LaurieShay 10 Dec 2011

Hey godlylove1st,

I use to take Cymbalta with good results for both depression and pain. I recently switched to Pristiq because I was too tired all the time. Don't know that the tiredness was all due to the Cymbalta but I am sleeping less now.

Best wishes,


Inactive 10 Dec 2011

Hello godlylove. I was on cymbalta for just under a year and a halfs time. I developed a very late, adverse reaction to it, and so I stopped taking it. That aside, I found it to be a comfortable drug to be on, no negatives on my behalf. Best of wishes.

relunsford2007 10 Dec 2011

I just started taking Cymbalta five days ago, and other than sleepiness, there is no side effects to report. But as my dear friends tell me... you have to give it a little time for that to wear off. Good luck to you though. Hope you do well on it.

Fibro5077 10 Dec 2011

Hi Godlylove,
How are you feeling tonight? I hope that you are feeling somewhat better. In answer to your question, I love Cymbalta. I have Bipolar Disorder which was just diagnosed within the past ten years. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety my whole life. Practically every anti depressant out there, I have tried, all with side effects. Cymbalta is the only one that has really helped me without presenting a whole host of side effects. In my personal opinion only though, I do not believe it helps my pain. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have other painful conditions like Migraines and the Cymbalta has not helped with these issues. For Depression though, I rely on it.

I hope this has helped you. Take Care,

gailawannabe 11 Dec 2011

Hi Godlylove1st. I have been using cymbalta for about 9 months now, and it was at first very effective with very little side effects. Unfortunately, I have developed side effects which are interfering with my life so I will be changing, but if that hadn't happened, I would be happy to stay on it. I have had no weight gain (which can be a real issue with other meds) and for the first five months, had no problems at all except for a lot of sleepiness at the start.

Christie00 12 Dec 2011

I was taking Cymbalta 60mg for 3 months in last year and cut down to 30 for another 3 months. It did not make me with sleepy. The only side effect I had was constipation (lol).

geekygranny 12 Dec 2011

I have been taking Cymbalta for a few years. I read where anti depressants will make it difficult to lose weight so thought I'd go off of it. That was a mistake. I ended up with dizzyness (brain zaps some people call it), feeling of loss of time, and more pain. So I went back on it and felt so much better!!

It does kill pain and helps with depression. I'll deal with the weight loss depressant a different way. I take mine at night so I can sleep better. Next day I feel better. I was taking it in the morning then falling back to sleep.

When I started taking it at night, I slept better and woke up earlier feeling better. So I guess timing is important taking this.

Hope that helps!

abq86roses 14 Dec 2011

I have tried it and it depends on what you are using it for, it works great on sprains and joint tisue however if you have a cronic pain issue or anything severe it will hardly touch it

Ms. Common Sense 14 Feb 2012

The first three weeks, I felt great. It improved my moods and took away my body aches. Unluckily, it caused me hot flashes which I overcame a few years ago. It was annoying and embarrassing to me how sweaty I felt while others were feeling cold. As another member mentioned, I took it at night to alleviate the fatigue.

deesjava 15 Feb 2012

My 5 year experience with cymbalta was great for the fibro, almost a miracle... but as far as the depression goes it didnt work for the last year or year and a half. I decided to go off of it, that was a nightmare. The "detox" process was horrible. Confusion, dizzy, brain zaps, sweating, severe head aches, nausea, anxiety and body chills and shaking. It took me about 4 months to completely get off of it. Im now on prozac and feeling much much better. My opinion is that cymbalta is a nasty drug when it comes to detoxing and does not do a whole lot for depression... d

gotogirl 27 Apr 2012

My primary care doctor put me on Cymbalta 60 for three years for fibro, neuropathy in legs, feet and hands, and baxk pain from degenerative disc disease. It was also supposed to help with the accompanying depression from all of the chronic pain. This drug helped with some of my pain issues, but I was still sorely depressed. Then I lost my health insurance coverage, so I had to get off this expensive med. My PCP gave me a sample one-week supply of Cymbalta 30 to help me wean from the medication. Then he said that was that and I was done with it. Big mistake indeed! I should have known better, but I trusted his judgment. I found out later that I should have been slowly titrated downward. The doc obviously did not know how to correctly prescribe this powerful medicine. The strong brain zaps were horrifying, along with flushing, nausea, chills, tremors and lightheadedness. I was out of commission and stayed in my bed for almost six weeks, afraid I was going to die.

Karen03 23 Mar 2012

I have been taking Cymbalta for a year and a half for anxiety, I've only ever increased my dosage, initially on 30mg then up to 60mg. Main side effect was insomnia, but that passed, and if I forgot to take a tablet I felt very fuzzy that day and the next. It really helped me through a pretty tough time but in saying that having just reduced from 60 to 30 I have never felt worse in all my life, I had two days of headaches and dizziness, then on the third day I had the lot, Headaches, vomitting, dizziness, flu like symptoms, it was awful. I have put on a lot of weight and that was making me unhappy, but I never thought by decreasing it would be so hard. The doctors had no understanding of what might happen, thank goodness for these types of sites! Good luck and I guess remember everyone is different!

butterflylynn 27 May 2012

I have been on Cymbalta for about 5 years & I have Fibro. I have found this med the best for my depression & it is approved for Fibro. It doesn't help with chronic pain it is more for depression than anything. I have had to increase the dosage only once since I started on it. But that is not bad at all as most of the depression meds I have been on did not work or I was having to constantly up the dosage on it. So I think you will find it is pretty effective & has little side affects. It will take about a month to get the full effect of the medication which is pretty standard for any of the depression medications. You might ask your dr. if they have any samples as Cymbalta is really good at giving samples to the dr.
Good luck I how you find it as effective as I have, Kathy

psnell17 12 Feb 2013

I have been on it for years for fibromyalgia and associated depression and I LOVE it. Don't want to change ever but it is back ordered right now through my provider. Good luck! free discount card

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