My 21 year old son has been on every drug available for his inoperable herniated discs. Including injections. Finally a doctor put him on these patches last month. The pharmacy instructions on the box were unclear so I read the enclosed material and looked up info. online. I applied 2- 25 mcg/hr and it was a miracle. They lasted the full 72 hrs and allowed him to resume pt twice a week. Long story short I was only supposed to put 1 patch on. When the doctor told us this at his next appt. and would not refill the prescription it was horrible. When we did get the refill one patch barely made a dent in his pain. When told this his doctor said he would not change the dosage. He is on a low dose of lortab and gabapentin. I am at my wits end. I cannot go against the dr. and increase the dose myself but he is in constant level 7-8 pain. If anyone has any similar experience i would appreciate any advice.