I have had a 8 year battle trying to overcome PARTIAL SEIZURES caused by chemical sensativity. I have gone through multible drugs and combinations of drugs and nothing has worked. We just discovered about a year ago that the problem comes from exposure to chemicals of any kind. I started converting to LAMOTRIGINE 10 months ago and am now at 500mg per day and IT WORKS. I am winning this battle. I have gone through numerous side effects and still have an occasional one that I can deal with. I developed a rash on different small areas over my body and all is gone except one area that has been there from the beginning. This area is about 4"w x 6"h on my right leg calf, and I have tried prescription Triamcinolone Acetonide, and multible creams and nothing works. I DO NOT WISH TO CHANGE FROM LAMOTRIGINE. The seizures are GONE. HELP!