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Does anyone have a problem with feeling like your bladder is full all the time?

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Dr.Thompson 26 Apr 2010

Would care to know your age and medical family history, enlarged prostate could be present.

FIN 26 Apr 2010

I am female, age 64, diabetic, with heart stents. I have had this problem off and on for years. I used to be dilated, because of scar tissue, and that helped . But the problem is now back, years later, and the urologist did a cystoscopy and said everything looked fine, and left me hanging?

FIN 26 Apr 2010

I don;t think it could be prostrate trouble. I am female.

Rajive Goel 27 Apr 2010

I am too diabetic & with heart stents, & have a similar felling, I have been prescribed to take a diuretic each morning thereby flushing out all the water from body, perhaps taking it over with your pharmacist/doctor might help in finding a good solution.

marjorie zych 29 Apr 2010

I had this problem all the time and had to do self catherization talk about uncomfortable. I now have an implant called a sacral nerve stimulator it works great simple surgery very little pain or maintenance with it and it was worth it most insurances accept it too. Talk to a urologist rule out anything major and see what the doc says about this procedure. free discount card

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