i got to bed at night, fall right to sleep... 12 hrs later its 11am and my kids have destroyed the house! i wanna be able to get up at 8am when they do. im glad i dont have a morning job or i'd be in the unemployment line! i just CAN NOT wake up. i set the alarm clock and the alarm on my phone. i dont even hear them. my boyfriend gets up at 5:45 to go to work and i dont feel him get out of bed. i dont here his alarm clocks. im sleeping so deep. im scared/paranoid, one day something bad might happen and i'll sleep right thru it. what if my son learns to unlock the door and goes outside? what if they are up playing with knives? im terrified. i use to take ambien to help me fall asleep because i was an insomniac. now that i can sleep on my own. i cant wake up. it kills me. i got to work at 3pm. i have very little time to spend with my kids when i sleep late. my son starts pre-school this year. what if i cant get out of bed to take him??? im really worried! this is not normal! help please???