... visit because your many problems take so much time with Dr. and the REAL patients should be seen ahead of you? I was asked once to please schedule my appt.s for last pt. of the day! That way others would be seen faster . I felt so embarrassed, and felt as if no one beleived my pain. I felt that I had no right to take up Dr. time-I even tried to "just deal with it", but that doesn't work-you only get worse. Then I developed 2 other problems that are fully recognized as "real" diseases, and suddenly I was allowed to get earlier appts. But, I think that I should never have been made to feel so worthless! I will NEVR allow myself to be treated like that again! So what if I have several serious problems. But I deserve to Dr.s attention too. Have you had that done to you? Thanks, TresureBug=D