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Does anyone experience severe itching from the remicade and how do you stop the itching nothing he?

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30 Sep 2011

You are experiencing a severe allergic reaction to the medication, have someone take you to the ER asap.

Take care,

Anonymous 1 Oct 2011

I concur with Maso on this. Since this was an injection & considering the medicine that it is, he will more than likely have to have an injection to stop the allergic reaction. Do get him to the ER As soon as possible.

3 Oct 2011

My husband had 3 doses of Remicade with no success and ultimately had surgery to cure his UC. He is doing well from the surgery but he has a horrible rash and itching - it appears systemic. He saw a dermatologist who did not correlate the itching wiht Remicaide (he thought it might be a reaction to his colostomy bag or tape) but after doing some reading we think it may be a reaction to the Remicaide, even though he is no longer taking it, it may not be out of his system. This may not be a direct answer to your question, but I suspect an allergic reaction to Remicaide is your underlhying problem.

Anonymous 3 Oct 2011

See, more info really helps! If he had surgery, they usually like to give the patients an antibiotic given through the IV. You need to talk to the surgeon about what they used if anything. He could be reacting to the antibiotic. If the itching is just around his colostomy area, it very well indeed is the tape. Try paper tape. My husband is allergic to all tape. He always has to use an elastic bandage to hold dressings in place that go all the way around him. Don't think they would reccomend this for his coloscopy bag tho'. Another trick physical therapy taught me is before you appy tape to an area, take a cotton ball, soak in milk of magnesia, dap it on the area to be taped & let dry before taping it up. It really works! They put it on my knee(& bandaids don't usually stay on your knee) & it stayed until my next visit 3 days later when they removed it. Worth a try at this point. I had never heard of this, but I guarantee it works...

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