The medicine doesn't seem to upset my stomach but I seem to have frequent diarrhea after being on this for a few months now. When I do have diarrhea, my stomach tends to become upset just minutes before, some days are worse than others, and I have to go or even run to the restroom. These episodes be going to the restroom once or several times with carious times of 15 to 45 minutes. I feel like I'm straining sometimes which is from constipation but I'm having diarrhea. Also, has anyone who has taken this for at leaset 6 months, noticed that it doesn't work like it used to when it was first prescribed? I tried going 3 days without it and the pain was far worse than normal and I started to vomit. I was fine after I took one which tells me I'm more than likely dependent on this medication now. TIA!