Even though they say ms isn't hereditary they say it has smething to do with genetics I have ms endmetriosis and a rhematic heart my sister has lupas and my dad had hep c which they think was caused by multiple skin graphs and blood tranfusions as a kid bad hot grease burn accidently spilled on him of the stove 8 yrs old. I was told autimmunes do come in clusters. My daughter 12yrs old diagnosed bipolar just this year my other daughter daughter 10 has aspburgers and adhd combined I am really sccared what else can pop up next my kids complain of aches and pains what are the real chances of one of the autoammunes going to the next generation if anyone else has any clusters r even ne ther persn in their family please let me know or if yu and your child I wanna know what to expect and what to watch for thank you!!!