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Does anyone else crave ice, I have fibro, andi am wondering if this is a side effect?

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Inactive 31 Jul 2011

Hi Sherri,
It sounds as if you may have an iron deficiency, craving ice is very common in people with a lack of iron in their diet. Please, if you do not already take a multi-vit with iron, purchase one with 100% of RDA iron.
Hopefully your cravings for ice will reduce greatly after you begin taking your multi-vit/mineral.
Best wishes Sherri!!

HPoole 4 Aug 2011

18mg is 100% of your RDA. talk to your dr. about your ice craving. Bloodwork would help to rule out iron deficiency anemia. If your dr. does put you on an iron supplement, make sure to eat adequate fiber in your diet because iron is very constipating.

Inactive 4 Aug 2011

I only craved ice when I was pregnant with my first child and I wanted salt on it.But that has been almost 40 yrs ago.So my answer has not helped you, maybe someone can, good luck. free discount card

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