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Does anyone deal with or have dealt with drug ion scanners with regard to the federal corrections?

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Inactive 4 Jan 2010

No idea, but doesn't sound good... maybe I should request that type of screen so my false negatives will be positive for a change!

HCH 5 Jan 2010

In my case I sure don't want positives... false positives with these damn people is what's got me so frustrated.

Inactive 5 Jan 2010

I've had three urine drug screens by three doctors. False negatives on all three. I was takin as directed vicoprofen7.5/200 two tables q 4 hrs prn pain. Got A FREAKIN' FALSE NEGATIVE same with klonapin 1mg TID FOR ANXIETYX OVER TEN YEARS!! all negative. I was told Bot To Return 2that office/group . I WAS CALLED A BOLD FACED LIAR. I WAS TOLD THAT I MUST BE DOING SO
ETHING ELSE WITH THEM, because test found no trace ...
Ive also been" blacklisted" apparently for any narcotics. I found new Dr, but even after MRI AND OBVIOUS CERVICAL SPINE DETERIORATION WITH NERVE IMPENGEMENT, no pain relief. If I find on street, that is my only option-- I have not gone to ER YET... the medical community has no integrity, in my opinion. WHY DONT U TRY GOOGLE- ING FALSE POSITIVES FOR WHATEVER IT SAID. it's all over the net, but doctors won't accept it or read it, but you can get some possible answers . Ask them to tIe blood, sweat(yes they can do that), and teats (:-) sounds funny, but if u are sure, hell, go for it. Hair too free discount card

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