I know I hear a lot of people saying how well this medication is but I just don't see it I had taken oc 60mg 3 times a day and that did so much more for my pain. I have been through two back surgeries and had taken three 60s a day for a few years so my tolerance level is outrageous I have to have my doctor change it to three a day along with 10mg opana ir for break through pain which now I take roxicodone 15mg 2 hours after taking the 40mg opana er. within 8 hours I am suffering withdrawls with this medication I smell something like burnt hair only worse a lot worse and the only thing I can do is take another 40 toget rid of the symptoms I know this is supposed to be a 12 hour extended release system but not for me and I was just wandering if anyone else was having the same problem with the 40mg opana er or if my tolerance level is just that high now because of all the heavy meds my doctors have put me on feed back would be appreciated.