... One that is not afraid or unwilling to perscribe pain medication. It is really upsetting to see what the pain management practice has become in my area. Either doctors are too afraid to prescribe pain medication due to the overwhelming amount of abuse in the area or they are so in bed with the local pharmeceutical reps that they give you 10 brand new unproven, untested perscriptions that work for everything from high blood pressure to deppression. I cannot find a single doctor in my area that will perscribe me the medication that I need (oxycodone 15mg). They alll tell me when I get in their office that they don't perscribe perscription narcotics but they have new modern medications and procedures that will help just as much. I have done the injections, the nerve tests, the physical therapy, and all of the new modern medications that are "proven to work". The fact is, I have not found any of these modern "pharmeceutical breakthroughs" to provide anything but an endless list of side effects. The injections did help a little bit but nowhere near taking away all of my pain. I have had two surgeries in the past year and the last one did not go as planned. I am just looking for a decent, good hearted doctor who understands pain! I am sure I will find one eventually but I'm tired of just going down the list one by one in the phone book with little to no results. I have all of my xray's, mri's, surgeon's notes and my full chart from my last doctor who I saw for over two and a half years. My insurance changed and I had to stop seeing him. Since then its been a nightmare! Any names or clinics you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I am relatively new to this site, so please forgive me if this is not a proper question for this forum. Aslo please forgive my spelling, not my strong-suit!