strips and 8mg pills will help me get threw my withdrawls? I only have 10 sub strips and there 8mg and i have 10 of the 8 mg sub pills, what i am asking is will they help me get threw my withdrawls and what will happen when im out of them, i dont know if i can get anymore when these are gone.. Also im not really sure how to use them as far as how many a day. i know that i am supposed to wait about 16 to 20 hrs of withdrawls before i start taking them.. I got these from a friend who was on them for the same reason i am, to get off his pain meds but hes out of the country and i cant ask him any questions about them.. do subs really work help you threw the withdrawls? I dont know i lost and looking for some help from some of my friends on the site, also i dont know if i need to be on them longer since i only have very few, well 10 of the strips and 10 of the pills.. Thanks for all your help.. much luv! Mickey from chicago.. I would like to ask certain people who know about this issue i am having but i cant ask a personal question for some reason anymore..