I have been Researching Neuro Electric Therapy, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, This method has apparently been around since about the 1940's but has been put down by the addiction treatment industry except for some small stodies an now a few treatment centers in Scotland and South Africa. It was first used in heroin treatment and really drug treatment by a Scotish doctor named Meg Patterson. From what I understand it's like ibogaine in that it causes your neurotransmitters to start firing again immediatly instead of a couple of weeks so you don't have to go through hell. I'v tried to detox several times with methadone off I managed to quit a junk habit but still held onto an oxycontin habit and I just can't kick it with methadone the way it worked for smack. I really want off of these drugs but I am honestly scared I can not survive cold turkey and I'm not refering to making it through the detox without usuing I'm really scared I don't have enough left to live through the fight my body needs to make to get it through detox. I'm worried about medical detox and the stigma that comes with it because I won't name my health insurance group but there initials are k.p. and almost everyone hates them unless your in good health and don't need anything. Well the people at k.p. are very judgemental and not helpful for getting help with substance abuse problems in my opinion and there my only medical choice, because I can't afford a roughly $10,000 for a 28 day inhouse program. I could afford ibogaine but I'm just not sure about that. So from what I've read and understand N.E.T. works and I just want to know something of a traetment plan like how often should I use the machine are the machine you can buy in the U.S.A. capable of delivering the quality of stimulation needed to treat an opiate problem. Please don't send me the same googled links unless you think it's really something rare that I haven't seen I'm looking for people who have actually used these machine or know something about them. This Is how Pete Townsend, Ron Wood, Kieth Richards, Eric Clapton,and Boy George all kicked there habit with the use of this machine at least at some point in time and yet nobody nows about this amazing discovery. I am really interested in try this method of detoxing without having to travel half way around the world so please if anybody knows anything let me know. Thank you Very Much