In August 2011 I went through triple bypass heart surgery, the procedure lasted only 3 hours but I was 11 hours in sedation. I woke up with hoses stuck into my throat and got a choking feeling. Next days I developed a problem of getting choked just as I start to fall a sleep.

2 month later it was diagnosed as a weird anxiety, choking feeling in the moments of falling asleep, no problems over night or during day time, and this anxiety appears only when I am in my bedroom bed. I take now Ativan 0.5 mg before I go to sleep, it helped in the last 2 weeks but last night all the anxiety appeared again same as in the days before I started to have the Ativan.

I am just getting ready for a long trip that was planed before my heart problem surfaced, I am panicking already about the 25 hours flight I am facing.

Anybody here, a doctor or a member has any idea how to solve this strange anxiety?