My doctor gave me a prescription for codeine after I fell off a ladder at work & fractured some bones in my foot & ankle. They helped to manage the pain however after the first few days I started to become constipated & gasy. It got worse; after about a week I couldn't go at all. So I called my doctor who told me to drink lots of water, and also to take laxitives &/or stool softeners. I just stopped taking the codeine & got some alieve instead. I was in alot more pain but it was worth it to me. My waist was very bloated, hard, & painful, It literally took me more than a week to get " It " out & be regular again. Apparently this is common with pain medication. I just want to give everyone a heads-up about this side effect. I even came across a story where some one dealt with the constipation pains by taking more codeine, & became so impacted that they ruptured their intestines & didn't even know about it cause they were so dopped up. Finally in a few short days they became so sick they called the life squad to take them to the E.R.. They had to be cut open, their insides 'vacuumed' out & sewn back together, they had to stay at the hospital on antibiotics cause their insides were exposed to fecal matter, + the surgery. They had to be on an I.V. for nutrients, etc.. ; drink some kind of special drinks (no solid food) And also after the surgery they had to repeatedly put a hoses inside them to spray a solution up there to break up the 'stuff' so that they could suck "it" out with a hose. It took 2-3 days but the docs & nurses were finally satisfied. It was something like twenty-something pounds of fecal matter they removed. I know this was a long sick story but I heard it from people who were there, I probably missed a few details but this kind of stuff happens more than most people realize so be careful & especially watch out for the young ones & even more the elderly in your family because they may already be on so many medications, & it can be tough just getting them selves onto the toilet. OK, I got super lucky, I got on top of the problem quickly and resolved the issue without a serious problem. good luck, take care of your family when they need you, they would do it for you & the older ones probably already did more than you know to help out back in the day. Bye