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Does anaprox ds cause drowsiness?

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5 Oct 2011

Anaprox DS does not cause drowsiness, its not been reported or has been documented as its side effect.

If you think its too bothersome? Please ask your doc to prescribe a more suited med.

Take care, be well & safe, please, best wishes!

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5 Oct 2011

Sorry Rajive, no disrespect but I beg to differ. For some people Anaprox DS can cause drowsiness. Most people dont have this effect but a few people do get very drowsy while on this drug. I had a friend who took this medication for menstrual cramps and fell asleep while smoking a cigarette and nearly caught herself on fire! She wasnt hurt but I'll never forget that. Here is a copy of the side effects and drowsiness is indeed listed.

Gastrointestinal (GI) Experiences, including: heartburn*, abdominal pain*, nausea*, constipation*, diarrhea, dyspepsia, stomatitis

Central Nervous System: headache*, dizziness*, drowsiness*, lightheadedness, vertigo

Dermatologic: pruritus (itching)*, skin eruptions*, ecchymoses*, sweating, purpura

Special Senses: tinnitus*, visual disturbances, hearing disturbances

Cardiovascular: edema*, palpitations

General: dyspnea*, thirst

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DzooBaby 5 Oct 2011

From this site:
Caution should be exercised by patients whose activities require alertness if they experience drowsiness, dizziness, vertigo or depression during therapy with Naproxen

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