Hi, the VA has accupuncture treatment. My son started the treatment about the end of July. I've noticed that he seems too relaxed-you'd think that he took a sedative. Last night he had a bad auto accident when leaving the treatment center. It's a miracle that nobody was hurt, as the other driver ended up upside down. This reminds me-I need to find the address of the police station.
I'm not a believer in accupuncture anyway. It is doing something to him-he still has back spasms, etc. And no, he hasn't had a medication change. He's usually mentally alert, but he told the police and everyone that he was completely responsible. He pulled and made a left turn-there was one vehicle that changed lanes to avoid him. Then it cut him off and tore the bumper off, the other vehicle hit the median-rolled over and spun. I could see the tire tracks at almost at a right angle to and across the lane and median. If my son hadn't gone or had slowed down, it wouldn't have happened. The other driver told me that he cut my son off-changed lanes too soon. Does accupuncture make a person drowsy or something?