... Contin,and Roxicodone. I am a resposible grown man with no addiction history or medication management issuse. I have been receiving Roxicodone 30mg Q4 for at least one year. What a God send. This is the ONLY pain medication that has worked extremely well for my pain. Recently, out of the blue, my Doctor told me I have to go to Pain Management for Pain Pills. My Pain Management Doctor wants to reduce my dose from 6 to 4 pills a day because he says he is afraid more than 4 a day will cause him to get audited. He suggested Lyrica which did nothing for me. He also suggested Morphine, Duragesic Patch, and Oxycontin. Like I said, I have been through all this before. How can I approach him on my next visit so he will give me what does work and not what might work, maybe, or we'll see what happens. I am an OT and would not be able to work with a decrease or change. Please advise.

https://www.drugs.com/answers/search/?query=I+have+documented+severe+spinal+damage+++ I+have+taken+Oxycontin%2C+Percocet%2C+Vicodin%2C+Opana%2C+MS+Contin%2Cand+Roxicodone+++ I+am+a+resposible+grown+man+with+no+addiction+history+or+medication+management+issuse+++ I+have+been+receiving+Roxicodone+30mg+Q4+for+at+least+one+year+++ What+a+God+send+++ This+is+the+ONLY+pain+medication+that+has+worked+extremely+well+for+my+pain+++ Recently%2C+out+of+the+blue%2C+my+Doctor+told+me+I+have+to+go+to+Pain+Management+for+Pain+Pills+++ My+Pain+Management+Doctor+wants+to+reduce+my+dose+from+6+to+4+pills+a+day+because+he+says+he+is+afraid+more+than+4+a+day+will+cause+him+to+get+audited+++ He+suggested+Lyrica+which+did+nothing+for+me+++ He+also+suggested+Morphine%2C+Duragesic+Patch%2C+and+Oxycontin+++ Like+I+said%2C+I+have+been+through+all+this+before+++ How+can+I+approach+him+on+my+next+visit+so+he+will+give+me+what+does+work+and+not+what+might+work%2C+maybe%2C+or+we%27ll+see+what+happens+++ I+am+an+OT+and+would+not+be+able+to+work+with+a+decrease+or+change+++ Please+advise