Why Doctors ommit to tell you the AndroGel possible side effect
I was prescribed androgel since my Testosterone count was low. 18 days after using it, I started to loose my hair heavilly, I stopped it by myself, my doctor seemed indiferent, was even told 3 solutions one of them was a hair transplant, SURE IF I WAS TO SUE THE BASTARD. Anyhow have been to 2 different dermatologist and it seems nothing can be done, and not sure if my hair will come back or not. Anybody knows a solution for this problem I would appreciate it, Abbott the pharmaceutical company that puts out androgel was completely USELESS, I really told them off, all they care if about making money, but have no suggestions or solution when one of their products SCREW UP like ANDRO-GEL DID TO ME. My doctor had the odacity to say ( YOU WANT YOUR HAIR AND YOUR LIBIDO ) God damn it, I will not go back to him unless I am unable to find a recomended doctor from any of my friends, not one from the Medicare through BlueCross book. It seems that those doctors and dentist listed so far that I have tried are FLY BY NIGHT so called doctors. Or I have just hitted the wrong ones so far.

Any help/medication on keeping the Libido level right, and also how to fix the hair falling & new grows, due to have used androgel once. Thanks, Andrew