I had synchronized my prescription for Xanax for the Doctor's appointment.

My appointment was today at 7:15pm. I received a call at 5:00pm for the receptionist stating that the system has been down for over a week because of an upgrade. I told the receptionist that I would still keep the appointment thinking that she would just approve the prescription after.

No, it doesn't go like that. Everything is through the computer system.

I can't see her until Tuesday being Monday is a Holiday.

I am frustrated because she just to me off of Effexor & I went through the withdraws last week.
We went for Welbrutrin instead.

Now I can not get my prescription of Xanax until Tuesday with one left.
Again, I had the appointments synchronized and now I'm going to suffer.
It's awful because I LOVE this Doctor. Her sister is my Therapist.

Any advice on how to get through until Tuesday? When or how long should I put myself in the hospital? How awful are the withdraws going to be?

My prescription is two 1mg Xanax per day.

<~~ not a happy client ~~>