I'm 33 years old and mother of a 8 years old boy. I don't exercise much but try to eat healthy and I'm considered average weight. So doctor checked my blood and the only thing they said is that there are some antibodies in my Thyroid which he said it's not that bad and a lot of people have. My symptoms are very dry hands and hair, brittle nails, extreme sagging of my breasts( got stretch marks) &inner tights, night sweats, anxiety, extreme tiredness and sleepiness during the day, decrease muscle tone, under eye bags, can't think and concentrate as my job demands, getting slower in my daytime activities, potting between my period ( going on for two months... Doctor diagnosed with UTI taking antibiotics,,, two months?), skin thinning. I'm so scared as I didn't have any of these symptoms about two years ago. I have seen three doctors and I just need some help. I just need a very knowledgable doctor to diagnose me. I just want get well and be myself again for my son.