In high school and part of my college years I suffered from Anorexia combined with serious alcohol usage. Over a year ago I began to experience blurred vision. No floaters or weird lights or blackness or anything, just blurred vision like when you take your glasses off. It is better and worse some days. Months later, I began having chest pains on the upper left side of my chest, and on the very left outer part of my breast. They come and go daily and again, some days they are better and worse than others but never last very long. I have an exercise intolerance, I can be basically doing nothing and my heart rate will skyrocket and I will get dizzy. My heart rate also quickens when I stand up too quickly. I have a heat and cold intolerance. I also have constant lower back pain and pain in my fingers and I basically feel like an 80 year old woman trapped in a 21 year olds body. I've had EKGS and a heart monitor and they've all been normal. I've seen an opthamologist and my eyes are healthy. I've seen a neurologist, although I saw him before most of my symptoms occured and only saw him for blurry vision and he asked me questions for 5 minutes and dismissed me.