so I am going up only 10 mg on my 50mg so a total of 60 mg, think I'll notice a difference? we did discuss 70 mg since I am at 50 mg, but I also remember somebody saying "you want to stay at a level or mg as much as possible because once you get to 70gm and your body gets used to it, you will need something else since Vyvanse is only precribed up to 70 mg. I talked to my doctor about how it works some days and other days, I just feel more alert, but I noticed and I htink she did to, I was moving my finger a lot and kind of zoning out and not rembembering what she said, so after she re tested me on the ADHD test that I took before I was diagnosed. she noticed a little slip. when I wasnt on meds, I was just bad, a few weeks later when she tested me I was remmebing everything, not moving etc. and then now, she noticed this. so were trying that. She did think it was weird though how it affect sme some days and others days I just feel more awake, I also told her before I was on this medictaion I didnt like being around people,I felt naked, then when I was on this, I felt normal again, and I noticed to this past week not just my fingers moving around but 2 days i idnt not like being aroudn people, so maybe my body is just getting use to the dosage. Ive been at 50 mg for 3 weeks.

so do you think with 10 mg I iwll feel o rnotice? I'm just curiouse if this is going to make my heart work faster or somehting, or It wont even be noticeable. I told her now that I have no side affects besides being thirsty, so i wonder if I will experience another side affect sine the dosage is increasing. I see her again in a month.

I hope all is well with everyone and thanks for your answers and opinions.