I'm a 21 year old female, first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, also believed to have had galangula fever. I get sick really easy, super sensitive skin, major issues with migranes. Had hospital trips where iv been in such pain in my sides that I can't move. Muscle pain and joint pain, my writs ache all the time and It gets to the point where I can't even lift anything (like my blanket when in bed) I get gastro problems and tummy aches randomly. Aneimic and bruise easily. Massive mood swings. All of my joints ache to the point where I want to cry, first believed to have had Carple tunnel, given pain relief and ignored by my doctor , as well as multiple doc visits after I woke up one morning to not be able to move or bend my knee. After blood tests, I have had negotive results for arthritis. Tests being done tomorrow for lupus . My period pain gets so bad I can Bearly leave my bed and I'm at breaking point. Please help !