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My doctor said to take tylenol or advil can I take naproxan?

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Saraii 20 Nov 2012

Naproxen Sodium, like Ibuprofen, and Acetometophen are all pretty safe pain killers, fever reducers. If your doc. recommended Tylenol, or Ibu., there isn't any reason why they would have a problem w you taking Naproxen.

meyati 21 Nov 2012

Most people have a bottle of Tylenol or Ibuprofen around, so your doctor said those. I don't take any, but my family members do use them. I just buy the cheapest or what I see first. Ibuprofen, Advil, naproxan, are basically the same things. I was a military wife- and they handed out whatever they bought on the cheapest contract. For awhile the Navy had something called APC-it was a pain killer, but it worked like Viagra-it kept working and working. Thousands of sailors were flooding base clinics and ships' doctors for back aches. They finally said it caused heart attacks and they went back to aspirin.

endlessPred 21 Nov 2012

Naproxen works well with muscle related problems. Sprains, sore muscles, cramps. Tylenol works well with reducing fevers and general aches and pains. Not knowing what you are being treated for, the naproxen lasts a long time. If you have stomach problems then I suggest Tylenol.

If you are not having success with one, you can actually alternate them. Take naproxen and if not effective after a couple hours, take Tylenol. You don't have to wait for the long period with the naproxen before the next dose. But don't take Advil or aspirin as that is the same group as naproxen. Lots of info on this site and the web. I always write down the time and amount and drug taken so I don't lose track.

The secret with pain relief is stay on a schedule. You want to get ahead of the pain. Trying to catch up takes much, much longer. Hope you are better soon.

Inactive 21 Nov 2012

I prefer naproxen, because it lasts longer, and I don't have to take as much. Helps when you have stomach issues to take less of the harsh medications. You take ibuprofen every six hours, tylenol,(not that it bothers my stomach, but doesn't work as well) every four, and naproxen every 12 hours. free discount card

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