Hi I am just concern about my birth control pills failing on me. I recently switched my birth control pills from camerse lo tab to a normal dosage of tri sprintec (generic version of ortho tri cycline). I started taking the pills on Sunday after I started my period but i was only 3 days into my period (started on Friday morning) so I was still on my period when I started my new birth control. 11days into being on tri sprintec I took my pill 7-8 hours later than normal. And then the next day 14th day on my new pill i took my pill at normal time but had sex. I was just wondering if me being late to taking a pill (but not missing it) could have caused my birth control to fail? Also I was reading online ways to take a normal birth control as plan B and I did so. Which is taking 4 active pills and taking another 4 active pills 12 hours later. I took the first 4 the that night I had sex ( the day after I had been late on a pill but was already back on track with my pill). I have taken all my pills since then on time or a little early. So I was wondering if I should be worried still or not. I know this is a very long read and I am sorry I just am being worried person!