I injured my right ankle at work about to years ago and have been in severe pain ever since. I worked for about three months on the injury before they sent me to a specialist that said I tore 2 tendons and fractured my tibia. After 2 surgery's nothing has gotten better just more pain threw out my body. My pt thinks I have rsd but my doc isn't sure he says I have all the symptoms except excessive sweating around the injured area. He ordered more pt and said to come back in 6weaks and if no change he is gonna put me at mmi and send me to a pain management doctor with the diagnosis of rsd. My question is does the area have to sweat really bad to have rsd and what can I expect to go thru. I'm a single dad and there are days I hurt so bad when I wake up I my arms and legs feel like someone is stabbing me with needles and all my fingers and joints feel I jammed them on these days I can't even bring myself to get up with out help. I'll be on it scares the hell out of me