I went to the doctor yesturday to get my script filled of my hydrocodone 10/325 for my lower back problem, doctor walked in asked me how i was doing told him im doing ok. He said ok so your here to get your prescription filled !!! well since the new law has passed on oct 6 2014 hydrocodone making it a schedule 2 drug its going to put more work in stress on me and my nurses and is going to fill my office up and keep us busy. So im gojng to try you on tylenol 3 bc i can e send your prescrition to pharmacy in you not going to have to come in every month. He prescribed me 4 a day and i have been taking like im suppose to for 2 days in im hurting pretty badly unlike how the hydrocodone kept my pain level at about 7 out of 10 tylenol 3 is keeping it at like 3 out of 10 idk if i should seek a differ doctor since hes not wanting to work as hard for his money in him letting me suffer or ehat i should do