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Can a doctor just stop prescribing pain pills?

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kaismama 3 Mar 2015

Sure he can, particularly if you have a contract and break it. I think they should taper people off but they don't have to do that.

Nattjenta 3 Mar 2015

Your question has absolutely nothing as far as explaining why the doctor stopped prescribing the pills. There seems to be more to this story. Yes, doctors can just stop prescribing pain pills. If you want a better answer, you'll have to provide a better question.

Stephen Treloar 8 Mar 2015

Absolutely yes. Usually due to non compliance with a contract ('drug authority' in AU). Random drug tests used to be quite frequent for me but good behavior and honesty have finally been my friends and I have been upgraded.

PoppyNidaba 8 Mar 2015

Yes, but any doctor using best clinical practice would NEVER stop any opioid suddenly, as it would precipitate withdrawal symptoms. Best to slowly taper over a couple of weeks minimum, better a month.

Stephen Treloar 8 Mar 2015

That would be ideal but the people I know of who got cut off without warning had already failed a urine test 2 in the last 6 months. I see the same doctor and he is far more reasonable than is required. He has helped me out above and beyond what would be normally be required. Honesty and compliance is all that is required. free discount card

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