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What doctor should I see for delay in Period? A general physician or a gynaecologist?

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Marvell 15 Jul 2013

First see a general physician and they can do tests and decide whether you need to see a gynecologist.

jenniferrushing1980 15 Jul 2013

Hello there, for that you could go to either one you prefer, some regular physicians don't deliver babies, they will give you a preg. test though. if you go to a regular docter, pick one that does deliver, and go to him that way if you are preg, the doc can start providing prenatal care right then. as far as a gyno, they are good to, so its really up to you.

Inactive 17 Jul 2013

Depends too on how late your period is, do you think you are pregnant?, have you been skipping periods? has the flow changed? Are you having pain? If any of these going on you would want to see a GYN doctor. Primary care is great for handling all the general cases but a GYN is a specialist. Hope everything's ok - EJ23 free discount card

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