20 years ago I had an MRI which indicated a bulging disc at the C-5, 6 and 6,7 levels I was working at the time and was in 'alot' of bad pain. My ortho doctor had ordered the MRI then. I saw a Neuro surgeon, and he sent me for P.T. and then my work area was ergonomically corrected and I got better without surgery. Now, retired 12 years--and off and on it flares up. It's really bad this time and I'm on Celebrex (from Primary). Do I need a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon to say if I need another MRI or ??? I use ice/heat and stretching exercises I learned in P.T. but boy the pain is bad! A trip to the E.R. is even in my mind! They would then give me something for pain and advise me as to whom to see. I'm female in mid 70's. Thanks