I broke my wrist on a Monday in a car accident though I didn't know it was broken. I went to a doctor on Tuesday when pain did not ease and they ran x rays. They did not offer me a brace or splint so I went CVS and bought one. Wednesday got a call back that it's broken and they were referring me to an orthopedic clinic. The call came from the doctor after the orthopedic clinic was closed and again they offered no suggestions on what to do with the wrist in the mean time of should I ice it, not take the brace off etc. Was just told the othopedic specialists will know what to do with it. Called orthopedics on Thursday to be informed they don't do wrists and not sure why they were referred. Called doctor back after finding an orthopedic clinic on my own. They sent in a new referral. Got a call back from othopedic clinic Friday that I could see the doctor on Monday because they are closed on weekends. The nurse sounded surprised that I didn't have a splint. It will be one week from the break when I see the orthopedic specialist. Is this normal for this to take this long, should my doctor have done more? This could be standard protocol I have never broken a bone before so I'm just not sure. I'm worried I might have done more damage to the wrist after a week with just a brace on it.