I signed up for a full hysterectomy and wanted to keep both ovaries. The doctor and I signed a paper that everything was to be removed except the ovaries. The whole time the we were getting this paperwork done, the doctor kept harping on my ovaries saying things like, "We may have to take them out later.", about going on hormone replacement and kept getting agitated because I kept saying do not remove my ovaries! While I was in surgery, she took an ovary after telling me that my ovaries were healthy prior to the surgery. I saw the ultrasound and my ovaries looked great so, why take something out if there is nothing wrong with them? Well, after surgery, I was feeling like my ribs had been crushed, severe pain on my right side, I could barely move and very sick when I had to move. The doctor came in to see me the following morning and told me that she removed an ovary over a cyst. I was floored! Then a few hours later the story had changed and it turns out that I ovulated in the ovary and it had a little blood in the ovary so the doctor removed it. Most of us bleed with ovulation. This doctor was looking to make a little more money off of me by making excuses to remove an ovary. My question is can I file a lawsuit against this doctor for breaking a contract for non-removal of my ovary and taking the ovary when there was nothing wrong with it? I'm so upset and shocked that this happened! I'm having a very hard time dealing with this. Please give me advise on what I should do. Thanks.