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My doctor put me on tramadol 50mg 3 daily and I still have a lot of pain?

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kaismama 17 Jan 2014

That's a pretty low dose. I was on it for 10 yrs but I took 100mg every 6 hrs. It works best if you take it on a regular basis not as needed. It comes in extended release which I found to help allot more but it's expensive. I'd let my dr know that it's not helping you.

Kennedyhanau 17 Jan 2014

Definitely let your md know that it's not working. They may be able to up the dose. I was on 100 mg three times a day and it worked wonders. Unfortunately it caused me to get so hoarse that I couldn't speak so they had to take me off of it.

geekygranny 17 Jan 2014

What is the cause of your back pain?

I have degenerated discs mostly. And severe arthritis. Mine feels better when I have SOMA (Carisoprodol ) and naproxsyn. My back has inflammation all the time and these take out the inflammation and relaxes the muscles.

Tramadol NEVER did help me as a pain killer for the escalated pain I have in my back.

Delila 28 Jan 2014

Hi, i agree, definitely speak to your doctor about this... Tramadol can be prescribed at higher doses than this, so that is one possibility. Another is adding another medication to make a combination analgesic treatment, or swapping to a new medication...

redflower 6 Feb 2014

What kind of condition do you have?

nancybreeze 6 Feb 2014

I find that doctors start out on the low dose and work up. Trying different strengths and different medicines to ones medical condition plays an important part in your treatment. Also trying a new medicine, and seeing how it will effect your pain level. Hopefully you have been in contact with the doctor to let him know that it doesn't seem to be helping, and he can continue to work on getting it down.
Best of luck!
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