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My doctor just put me on 25g Lyrica 2x per day for leg nerve pain. How long does it take to work?

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kaismama 6 Jul 2014

25 mg is probably not going to be enough, you should have it increased once you're used to the 25. Most of us took at least 75 twice a day. It doesn't take long to work if you have enough.

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melinda000 6 Jul 2014

The 25mg is helping a little bit however I'm still in pain. I will ask to have the dosage increased when I see my week. Thanks!

tossieadorab 30 Jun 2015

I am on lyrica 25 mg 3 times daily for nerve/fibromyalgia How long it takes to work? and does it work well with other meds?

balbanese 7 Jul 2014

I agree, this is a low dose, after no more than 3-days you should be feeling it work.

KarenCostello 18 Jul 2014

It might take it sometime. Depends on what thy are treating with it. I am on 300 mg twice a day (for restless leg and an they ache all the time), it makes me tired if I take both of them. But it does help the legs a lot! If your lucky enough to get on a least 100-150 mg a day, you should feel some relief ! Prayers for you, Melinda!

Kawasakizx14 21 Jul 2014

I take 50mg twice a day for radiating nerve pain from low back surgery that failed. It is prescribed for three times a day but I find I only need it twice. It has a subtle effect that lessens the severity but like almost all other meds they never get rid of it completely, it just takes the edge off. free discount card

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