I'm on my 3rd prescription of Adderall as of today. My first month script was for 1 20mg XR daily. For my 2nd script I had told the doctor that I could use another one around noon time so she continued the 20 XR for the morning and added a 7.5mg IR for the afternoon which did absolutely nothing for me but cost me paying for two prescription instead of one. So today I explain to her yet again that it needs to be increased and she agreed. I also suggested to switch to the Instant Release completely. So she prescribed me one 10mg IR twice daily for the month. Yeah! That's right we just went backwards! She told me its a stronger daily dose than last month and I just don't understand. I'm not a mathmusician but 20+7.5 > 10+10 last I checked. All I need is two 20mg a day and I'll be all set. I'm a 30 year old 210lb male construction worker and she's afraid of "giving me a heart attack". I take my dose at 5am and it wears off within a 5-6 hours and now she just lowered it. She's treating me like a child in my opinion. Can anyone make any sense of this for me because I think she's just a moron and I'm considering looking for a different doctor.