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The Doctor prescribed Lyrica I had to sign papers they sad I couldn't change drug store. why?

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kaismama 8 Mar 2014

Because it is a controlled drug and that way it can be monitored.

ssagan56 8 Mar 2014

Thanks now I understand why I didn't soma.

Emeraldgirl 8 Mar 2014

Why is it classified as a controlled drug in the US??

kaismama 8 Mar 2014

You've got me on that one. Our idiot government thinks you can get high on it, and it will be abused. Our idiot government thinks we are a nation of drug abusers who can't take care of ourselves.

ssagan56 8 Mar 2014

We are just someone to sample what they need tested.. I can't count the meds I have took in the past three years I know my Medicare part D want cover the ones I need. I take one day at a time.

Emeraldgirl 8 Mar 2014

After reading this I ‘talktofrank’ (the UK government drug awareness website). I put Pregabalin into the search engine expecting nothing to come up and this is what it said:
Pregabalin can produce feelings of relaxation, calmness and euphoria, like tranquilisers. It can enhance the euphoric effects of other drugs, like opiates, and is likely to increase the risks when taken in this way.
Well, I can honestly say that I never felt euphoric on this drug taken alone or with opiate drugs and I was on every does from 75mg – maximum daily amount. I tell you what I did feel, my thighs rubbing together when they never use to due to the weight gain!!! They need to put this on the website too.

Lifenmeds 25 Apr 2017

Hi, yes, it is due to all the new regulations for controlled substances and it protects Dr's from "some, that may" have other Dr's that they get meds from and could possibly bring it to another pharmacy. I understand if it felt awkward that you had to sign that. Please don't feel singled out, we all, on meds, especially controlled substances have signed the same form. It can also be helpful to have all meds at same pharmacy, just in case, you were given a med that could have a bad interaction with any other meds. You can change your pharmacy, if need be, just let your Dr know and have current pharmacy forward your current meds to a new one, otherwise, you will be labeled. I know people that their Dr dropped them because they changed pharmacies, due to either financial costs or due to their insurance forced them to. They were so nervous about having everything switched over, in order to have their meds with no interruption, it never crossed their mind (and it wouldn't be the first or second thing on my mind either), to notify their Dr immediately. One was labeled, as if he was pulling a fast one and the other, she was originally accused of not taking the med or possibly doing something else with it! Some of us have signed that either long ago or each year, however it's not something to worry about, just be aware as to why. Hope this was helpful to you. free discount card

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