I may or may not have diverticulitis. I have had controlled Crohns since 2008 and recently started experiencing stomach pain like I've never felt before. I'm uninsured for another 27 days. I paid out of pocket for a dr's visit and a CT, which came back normal. Because of the insurance situation I cannot afford any further tests at the moment. My doctor agreed to prescribe antibiotics based on my symptoms with the understanding that I go for a full battery of tests including a colonoscopy in 27 days.

He prescribed cipro twice daily for 7 days and flagyl three times daily for 10 days. I want to start the cipro immediately but wait until sunday to star the flagyl. My father is getting married this weekend and I was hoping to be able to have a drink or two at the wedding (depending on my stomach pain of course). I cant do that if I'm on the flagyl. Will it still be effective if I start one sooner than the other? Just for further information I am also currently on Bupropion, Humira, and Dexilant.