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Can your doctor prescribe you Triumeq to prevent from catching HIV even when you don't have it?

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LRudolph 31 Jan 2018

Currently there is no drug that can prevent you from being infected with the HIV virus. NONE!
There are drugs that are prescribed to take if you suspect that you may have been exposed but there is still a chance that the virus has not yet infected your cells. Don't get the two confused. That is not the same as preventing infection.
Taking those drugs after suspected exposure is merely a form of early treatment in an attempt to prevent any possibly existing viruses from infecting your cells. This makes the assumption that the HIV virus has gotten into your body but has not had sufficient time to infect cells and replicate (make more copies of itself). That's a very big assumption. It's also a very risky one.
To date, the ONLY ways to be 100 percent positive you are not infected is to either abstain from having sex altogether, or to have safe sex. In other words, don't have any sex. But if you do, make sure you use condoms and/or oral dams (they're like condoms but they go inside the mouth). Those are the only ways.
I'm going to say this again. There are NO drugs that prevent HIV infection. Make no mistake. That one could cost you for the rest of your life. Please be careful. And be safe.

Stephen Treloar 31 Jan 2018

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