I was diagnosed with ADHD when i was 9 yr old (24 now). I took concerta from then until i was a freshmen in high school and stopped myself. In college, as school became harder, i started again. I was prescribed adderall IR by my doctor, and I have been taking that until September 2014. So for about 4 years off and on, which it was off and on because of appointment scheduling and insurance reasons. I recently had to stop because of the change in the controlled substances act and had to be re diagnosed by a psychiatrist in order for him to prescribe the medication. After his assessment he said he would prescribe concerta. I asked why not the adderall ir which is what has been working for me. I know from experience this has worked for me; and i know the side effects it has on my body, and i am used to those side effects. So with light of the recent events i am wondering why wont prescribe it?
any insight will be greatly appreciated, thank you