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My doctor perscribed this to my 7month old its 12.5mg an to give him 2.5mL at bed time is this ok?

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kaismama 28 Sep 2012

What drug is it?

1st time mom 28 Sep 2012

Q-DRYL 12.5 mg/5ml ELIXIR
This is exactly how its written on the bottle.
(It is liquid)

kaismama 28 Sep 2012

Was this a pediatrician who prescribed this? I'm not coming up with a dose for a child under 2yrs, and that is 2.5 ml, for a 2 yr old. Why did he order it?

1st time mom 28 Sep 2012

For his runny nose an congestion he's got a bad cough an wasn't sleeping so I shouldn't give him a whole dose maybe half? Or what should I do?

kaismama 28 Sep 2012

I think I'd try him on half the dose. He may get pretty sedated from it. If it doesn't help him then increase it.

1st time mom 30 Sep 2012

Thank u that is exactly what I did an he's had no problem with it at all. The only reason the doctor prescribed this for him I believe is because he weighs 22lbs lol I have a chunky baby an I believe that that is the size of some toddlers so she probably just based it on his weight but thank u for the help

DzooBaby 28 Sep 2012

Dr usually go by a childs weight when figuring out drug doses for these little ones rather than age. Your Dr is not going to prescribe something that will hurt your baby! This medication is an antihistamine so it may make the baby a little sleepy. With this type of medication, it is okay to try giving a little less than what the Dr ordered to see how the baby responds, just do not go over the recommended amount. It is scary when little ones are sick, I know. Do you have a bulb syringe to suck excess mucus from his nose? Sometimes it helps to use a little Ocean spray or other saline nasal spray to loosen dried mucus (boogers and snot) and gently suction the gunk out with a buld syringe. They carry them at the pharmacy and places like Walmart by the baby products. It also helps their coughs and stuffy noses to put a humidifyer in their rooms at night. If the baby develops any fever, be sure you consult your Dr again as the baby could be devloping an infection.

DzooBaby 28 Sep 2012

That is supposed to be bulb syringe, not buld! If you do suction the baby's nose be prepared that it will make him very angry and he wont like it at all but he will breathe better because he cant blow his nose at this age so you need to suction the excess out.

DzooBaby 28 Sep 2012

2.5 ml is between 6 and 7 mg of this medication and I believe Q-dryl is a generic Benedryl or diphenhydramine so 6.25mg is a very small dose.

1st time mom 28 Sep 2012

Thanks an yes I do have one of those an the saline spray free discount card

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