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Doctor wants me to take Nortriptyline for my fibromyalgia any tried this? How did it make you feel?

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PatBlavs 22 Jan 2015

Had heart palpitations and dry mouth.

balbanese 22 Jan 2015

Do you not trust your Dr? It may work for you where other's opinions may show it didn't for them. The Internet is a great thing, but it's no substitute for the one who knows your unique intricate needs.

Fibromama 22 Jan 2015

I love your answer. Because No I don't trust my doctor. I am at the beginning of all this, I have had chronic pain for 4 years. Started with tendinitis now is spread through my entire body, shoulders, hops, knees, elbows. I went in due to horrible pain in left shoulder. My PCP sent me to pain management doctor and Doctor didn't even examen me. Said he will send me to physical therapy, wants me to lose weight, and take this pill. No evaluation nothing. I don't know anything about what is going on just in a lot of pain and I don't want to just pop pills. Any help would be great.

balbanese 22 Jan 2015

What else are you doing (non medication) for weight control/loss

lezzy444 22 Jan 2015

Your pain doc did not give you a physical exam on your first visit? That right there is a big red flag. Then he prescribes meds? I would look elsewhere if that happened to me. I just went to my first pain doc last month and I am about 35 pounds overweight. He gave me a physical exam, asked a bunch of questions, and asked me why I came to see him. I told him why and he gave me the tools to deal with it. He didn't mention my weight. Maybe he figures anyone who IS overweight knows they are, and they don't need reminding. Just guessing.
It is hard to trust doctors when you have had bad visits, but don't give up on all of them. Have clear ideas about your condition, and what you want to have help with. Study up all you can on different treatments, eastern and western, so you have a better idea of what he is doing. I had a visit last week for trigger point injections in my back and while he was doing it he asked me if I had any questions and I asked him if acupuncture would be an option for my condition, and he said yes it would actually.

pamee 22 Jan 2015

Tricyclic antidepressants are suppose to help with some types of pain. I took it for anxiety many yrs ago and it did help. Then recently I took it again and it did nothing for my nerve pain, plus I had a difficult time sleeping unlike the first time I tried it. It will either make you tired or give you a lot of energy in the beginning until you reach the full therapeutic benefit which is around 6-8 weeks then everything levels out. You will feel more energy and probably sleep better and it may help your kind of pain. Everyone one is different, as what helps one person may not help another. You will only know how you react to it by taking it. I wish you the best! ... take care

Fibromama 22 Jan 2015

Thank you so much! My main concerns is what effects it will have on me. But what I'm getting is we are all different and I won't know till I try it.

LindaC49 23 Jan 2015

My pain management Dr did all sorts of tests. I guess maybe it would depend what the Dr. has dxed you with or suspects. I went at age 60 with all the signs of osteoarthritis. I had Mri, standing spine xrays, emgs and a bunch of blood work. I know what you mean on trusting Dr. the 1st back clinic I went to was going to give me a back injection just on my pointing to where it hurt no tests or xrays. I left there in a hurry. Dr needs to do a throrough exam and history to eliminate possible different dxs. Many of my conditions were present in my mother. I sort of had a melt down in front of my rhemy a couple of yrs ago. I had had a bad weekend crying over everything (even watching Dr Quinn med women) very depressed,hurting from pain and so tired of being sick and tired. All she asked was how I was feeling and the flood gates opened. She ended up rx Prozac 20 mg in the am. It helped with depression and the pain.

pamee 23 Jan 2015

Hi fibromama. Yes as unfortunate as that is. I am so sorry you are having so much to deal with. May God bless you and be with you.. free discount card

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