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Is there something I can ask my doctor for Mood swings with menopause?

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Rena931945 26 Oct 2012

There are a number of medications which are different hormones. Sometimes they are helpful but have also been questioned in regards to some cancers. When I was going through menopause I tried the HRT I gained weight so did not take it for very long. My sister, Kathy, had a hysterectomy and due to the fact that she was younger than normal her doctors felt it necessary for her to take them. She passed at age 48 with metastic breast cancer which I believe has been linked to HRT. If your doctor feels that they would help you I believe they give them for a shorter period of time which may be entirely safe. An antidepressant may be an alternative.

sara12345 26 Oct 2012

Regarding your sister, you may be right, but the latest study really shocked the researchers which showed a REDUCED level of breast cancer in those taking HRT if it was started early after menopause. A new study by Danish researchers published in the British Medical Journal Group’s Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare suggests that the benefits of hormone replacement “had significantly reduced risk of mortality, heart failure, or myocardial infarction heart attack... " and the HRT-treated women had a reduced risk of death or breast cancer, which was statistically significant after 10 years of treatment. It reduced the risks if it was started EARLY after menopause. Other studies have also shown reduced heart risks if HRT was started early in menopause. The studies that showed women with elevated heart risk was in women who started HRT later.

Rena931945 26 Oct 2012

There are a lot of different hormone combinations that can be used. I would have to read the studies, some are more controlled than others and, perhaps they have been improved in some ways. I certainly hope that the lives of all women who take them are improved and , as you mentioned the time the replacement was started seemed to produce better results. Usually if it doesn't help or makes you feel worse your body is telling you no. As I said, my sister had her hysterectomy in her 30's and they were not good for her but the doctors encouraged her to keep taking them. Listen to your body and find one that works good for you. I will do more reading on the subject too. Rena

sara12345 27 Oct 2012

Yes, you are right about listening to your body. Every time I tried Premarin I felt sick. The regular estrogen (without the horse urine) helped me with every terrible symptom that I had from menopause. I couldn't function properly with short term memory problems, had terrible moods, was extremely fatigued, had the electrical shocks going thru my head, had a very dry vagina and hot flashes. Not only did the estrogen stop all of it, but also stopped my hair from thinning and turning into straw, my face looking 15 years older, etc. That's when estrogen is needed.

Rena931945 27 Oct 2012

I found the article you referred to and it is very interesting. it said that there are different formulas and are much more effective and usually not long term use.

sara12345 27 Oct 2012

What different formulas?

Inactive 26 Oct 2012

Hello rvetkos. You might ask your doctor about Gabapentin. It is prescribed off label for mood swings, hot flashes associated with Menopause. Regards pledge free discount card

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