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My doctor said I have health anxiety. Can anyone shine a light on that subject, please?

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Inactive 3 May 2017

I've never heard this term before, could he/she mean you overly worry about your heath and wellbeing?
Which is a pretty common anxiety.
This anxiety can be treated with counseling and/Or medications. Best of luck to you. xx

janiebme 3 May 2017

Hi Celexa-
I would say that healthy anxiety does not interfere with daily living and functioning. I would not think you would have to be on meds if you have healthy anxiety.

Celexa 3 May 2017

You misread, health.

Inactive 3 May 2017

Celexa Hi! The way I read what you have said is - you are asking what is "health" anxiety, not what is "healthy" anxiety, which would be entirely different, am I right about this? I am thinking this would be anxiety that is caused by excessive worry about your health. That seems like it would be known by another name, "hypochondriasis", where a person has an overwhelming interest in their health, to the point of obsessing over it, and this kind of anxiety causes more health issues in the long run if not treated. Anxiety causes us to obsess over our personal health issues. I wonder if this is what your doctor is referring to? Don't feel bad, this is a very common part of having anxiety and a very common result from being an anxious person. You are definitely not alone. Don't feel bad about it. There are treatments for it.

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Inactive 3 May 2017

That's how I read it also.
Great and informative answer!


janiebme 3 May 2017

Sorry everyone is right. I mis-interpreted it. If you are having health issues or worried about having them it could cause anxiety. It is the nature of the beast called anxiety. Best to go to the source and have your doctor explain what he meant by telling you, you have health anxiety.

chuck1957 4 May 2017

CELEXA; Do not take this wrong but this can effect you the same as any other anxiety. Such as you worrying about a family member, a child Yourself even from past surgery or something coming up it is not all in you head any more than regular anxiety. So if that is the doctor's belief then ask the doctor what are we going to do about it. You should be able to feel better than you do now.

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